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Enagic Leveluk K8 Distributer

Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Machine Distributer

Price :₹ 3,43,000

Water, one of the amplest means, is one of the pure essentials to preserve life. The human body comprises about 70% of water this proves the role of water for surviving. While 71% of the total earth's surface is enveloped with water bodies, it is really hard to trust that we have an approach to just 1% of drinkable freshwater. This makes “drinkable” water a critically deficient resource.

A well-equipped house has all safety measures. Safe drinking water, clean air, dirt-free environment are the necessities that make a house ready to live in. For safe drinking water, a Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Machine should be utilized everywhere. Water pollution is increasing considerably and is the major cause of unsafe drinking water supplied at homes.

A very renowned technology Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Machine is making ample effort to upgrade the water properties. The latest technology allows a remarkable change in the working of a new generation powerful antioxidant machine. We are here trying over the years to leave no stone unturned to find the best solutions to drinking water problems.

Enagic's Most Powerful Antioxidant Machine

While having a purifier has become a compulsion needed for the present situation in India, we are offering you more than a purifier that is K 8 machine. Now enjoy delicious water with innovative technology featuring 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates. Drink purest form of water with 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates that provide improved water ionization and better antioxidant water to one and all.

Powerful and effective

Clean, safe and pure drinking water is an absolute necessity for the wellbeing of humans. With the continuous advancement in technology and the ever-increasing growth of the Leveluk K8 Water Machine, health has been improved. Our advanced technology K8 water ionizer generates 5 versatile types of water to meet your regular use as well as commercial use. You can get Strong Kangen Water, Kangen Water, Neutral Water, Beauty Water, and Strong Acidic Water.

Full-Color LCD Panel

Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Machine technology has gained a lot of popularity due to its user-friendly feature. The features include a large full-color LCD panel and clear voice prompts. The machine is programmed to confirm the selected water in the most pleasing voice, and immediately machine will generate delicious and ionized water.

Touch Panel

For easy access information on the filter status via the touch panel. The same touch panel will guide you about the cleaning process. The machine is equipped with a notification system that notifiesthe time to change the water filter through the panel, voice prompts, and a buzzer sound.

8 Titanium Plates

The Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Machine possesses almost all the features like SD501, with the only difference that an extra platinum-coated titanium plate. The additional plate enhances water ionization along with constant production of pH level and ORP at a higher flow rate water. This machine is an excellent product for families and small businesses.

Enagic Leveluk K8 Water Machine provides a water purification system with ionization which is quite efficient available in the market today Through distributer. It is a known And famous water purification system that helps in removing biological waste and contaminants from the drinking water supply and makes it suitable for all your water need. Make your order today and take a step towards a healthy lifestyle!