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Establishment of Company

We are 46y old company and started our business in India (Bangalore) in Feb 2016 with a global presence in 170+ countries and 40 self-offices across the world. We are not a normal water purifieras our technology convertsRO water into miracle water with three important properties that areAlkalinization, Anti-oxidation, and Micro – clustering. Our machine will provide seven different kinds of water which all are beneficial for personal use and commercial places. .

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Why the Kangen Water Machine?

Kangen means “return to origin” and that what we work on. We are committed to providing you delicious water by filtering your tap water with ionized alkaline and acidic water through the process of electrolysis. The water is beneficial in every way to include it for drinking purposes, cooking, for beauty regime, and also cleaning.

The vital thing to observe here is that the Kangen water machine doesn’t leave even a residue of chemicals or resultant products along with no alteration in the characteristics of water. This is not only eco-friendly and also lessens the waste output from a water purifier.

Also, a Kangen water machinerequires less consumption and minimal changeable of filters or other mechanical parts. In the long process, such benefits are critical in buying this amazing system for home as well as industrial purposes. In terms of water flow, the Kangen water machine stands first over others, which allows a steady flow of purification, preserving time and developing the efficiency of the magic water.

The ever-increasing pollution has made drinkable water a crucial resource in India. You always run a risk of getting into dangerous health issues by consuming impure and contaminated water that contains harmful chemical and biological waste. It is therefore very important to install a Kangen water machineat home to prevent any major and minor health issues by water-borne contaminants.