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Enagic ANESPA DX Water Machine Distributer

Enagic ANESPA DX Water Machine Distributer

Price :₹ 2,00,000

Beauty and balance are restored with distinct treatments and Spa journeys, individually created for each one of you. Enagic ANESPA DX Water Machine is the perfect home spa system that provides a constant stream of healthy ionized mineral water. This system offers an extensive variety of health and beauty enhancing treatments to guarantee that everyone feels nurtured, purified, pampered, and relaxed.

It is possible with the innovative larger ceramic cartridge fitted in the system that eliminates chlorine and other harmful substances with a 100% success rate from your tap water. You will get safe, moisturizing minerals that enhance your beauty and make hair healthy. Enjoy the cleanest bath with Enagic ANESPA DX Water Machine hot spring water.

Your Home Spa System

It has been a very busy day at work. Each joint of the body is now aching. You are feeling so stressed up. You are having headaches, and cannot sleep well at night. The last time you checked, your blood pressure was rocket high. At this time, you crave the pleasure of soaking yourself in a spa then get soaked in mineralized water and a relaxing full body massage shower with Enagic ANESPA DX Water Machine.

Removes Harmful Substances

The Active charcoal filter Futama-ceramic inner filter is an innovative technology that is a cartridge purification system that helps in removing chlorine and bacteria, and you will get a renewed, revitalizing feeling. Utilizing ionized water ultimately Safeguards your gentle skin from the harmful effects of tap water.

Mineral Ion Water

Enagic ANESPA DX Water Machine Distributer generates mineral ion water that has a lot of benefits. Foremost, it helps you relax. The blend of natural hot spring ingredients and minerals provides your body resistance, which helps to keep it fit. It boosts the health of the heart. Blood pressure gets under control. Your stress is brought down, and a relaxed body can sleep well. Headaches also get eliminated dramatically. The joints get rejuvenated, and aches vanish into thin air. Water helps the pores to open and helps in cleansing and detoxifying your body.

Enjoy the Ultimate Spa Experience At Home


You can even install a spa pool in your own home. Looking Enagic ANESPA DX Water Machine Distibuter to install system in the house, you are doing yourself a great favor because of the mineral stone import from the Futamata Radium Hot spring in Hokkaido, Japan. The hot water from this stonehas the tender and calming effect of a hot spring, help the body to relax, and the mind to become stress-free.

MIC Stone

MIC stone activates the mildly alkaline water which is beneficial for healthier and younger-looking skins naturally. It has been observed that spas are very beneficial for various health conditions like migraines, high blood pressure, and sugar levels, arthritis, etc

Power Stone

Power stone produces strong negative-ions that improve sleep and reduce insomnia and above all, it relaxes our body and mind which promotes good mental and physical health.

We are Enagic ANESPA DX Water Machine Distributer in India Order your system and let it become a routine in your life. You will feel a new you who is more relaxed, and healthier.

We reccomend you as a distributer to spread the positivity of Enagic ANESPA DX Water Machine to the society's every person.